Effective immediately we are announcing a leadership change for Portland Cars & Coffee.


Current co-leader Joel Feder will be stepping down from his role.


The new leadership will consist of a trio of gentlemen including Mark Scholz, Mason O’Lennick, and Chris Mitchell.

Joel will assist with the transition through the 2016 season and stay on in a leadership advisor capacity there after.

Why now?

Joel and his family are moving to Minnesota, and while distance makes the heart grow fonder, it’s difficult to be in charge of a gathering when one can’t be on site frequently.

About the new leadership:

Mark Scholz –

Mark has been with Portland Cars & Coffee since the beginning in 2008. He’s a driving instructor, Italian car nut (although German cars are growing on him quickly,) and car enthusiast. By day he sells garages with homes attached, and by weekend he is either at the race track, with his daughter, or at Portland Cars & Coffee.

Mason O’Lennick –

Mason has been attending Portland Cars & Coffee for over five years and has been an active leader in Ground Control since its inception. His experience and knowledge spans topics such as business operations, non-profits, legal, and is of course, an automotive enthusiast. He’s active in the local car community with the BMW club and is an avid DIYer.

Chris Mitchell –

Chris has been coming to Portland Cars & Coffee well over five years and has been an active leader in Ground Control since its inception. His background includes digital marketing and branding strategy, small business management, along with event planning. Chris spends most of his time racing or helping other automotive groups around the PNW, and regardless if it’s Saturday, is a regular coffee addict, always willing to lend a hand.

We are excited about this new chapter in Portland Cars & Coffee’s history and look forward to seeing it continue to evolve.

– Joel, Mark, Mason, Chris

*Photo credit – Tom Hoots