And we’re back! This weekend we will come out of winter mode.

That’s right, this weekend will be our 2016 season opener. The Ground Control volunteers are ready, the radios are charged, and the sun is out. It’s time.


Over the winter our Facebook group has grown with lots of new faces. This is great! Given that, here are some things you might want to know about how things work during the main season:

Featured Parking

The main parking spots directly in front of World of Speed is the Featured Section. The goal with this section is and has been to keep things dynamic, fresh, and to highlight some vehicles.

What goes in featured parking? You can refer to this blog post here.

We start at 8 am, not before

The World of Speed parking lots are gated. Gates will not open for Cars and Coffee parking until 8 am. If you arrive early—and you are absolutely welcome to, if you want to be in the Featured Section it’s highly recommended—please line up on the side of the street. Everyone you see entering and inside the parking lot before 8 am is Ground Control staff.


There are two parking lots

Lot 1 is the main side of the World of Speed building, including the loading docks. Yes, we park in the loading docks. Please wrap around the loading docks and park efficiently so we can fit as many cars as possible. Ground Control will be directing traffic. They are there to help, please listen to them.

Lot 2 is next to the main lot. To access Lot 2 you’ll be directed to the right as you pull in. We’ll be directing people to Lot 2 once Lot 1 is full.

Please do not park in the back two rows behind World of Speed (see red on map). Those are reserved for World of Speed employees and customers. Also, do not park in the alley way, church parking lot or surrounding business parks. Handicap parking spaces are for those with handicap permits only.

When both lots are full there is parking on side streets. When cars leave and spaces open up we’ll continue letting people in.

Ground Control Staff

Ground Control Staff are the group of volunteers that make Portland Cars & Coffee run. They all have badges and are there to help. Have a question? Ask Ground Control member.

Don’t be that guy

Seriously, please. We know you’re awesome, your car is awesome, and it’s super loud, not to mention fast. This is a family event. We have police on site for a reason.

House keeping

  • We don’t save parking spots. Not for your buddy, not for your mom, not for your bestie
  • There are trash cans around the parking lot. Use them, please
  • No for sale signs, hand outs, sign ups
  • Do not touch people’s cars


We look forward to seeing everyone at World of Speed for the 2016 season opener this weekend.

 ~ Mark, Joel, and Ground Control