Frankly, we are speechless. The support you all have shown is tremendous. Thank you to our Ground Control staff for all their efforts both in getting us to this past weekend, and for making it actually happen. And thank you to you, the car community. Without you this past weekend wouldn’t have happened. So, thank you to everyone for their support, it’s overwhelming.


By The Numbers

Many have asked for the numbers, so let’s run through them:

  • Gates opened at 8 am to a line of cars that we’re told was nearly to the freeway
  • By 8:45 am the featured section was full
  • By 8:55 both Lot 1 and Lot 2 were full and it went to street parking
  • By 9:15 some spots started opening up
  • Approximately 430 cars parked inside the lots
  • Approximately 600-700 people attended


Lessons Learned–We Watched And Listened


Many of you provided valuable feedback both on-site at World of Speed and by reaching out to Mark Scholz or Joel Feder. Thank you. We spent a lot of time listening to that, and watching how things went. In just one weekend we learned a lot, and have made a list of adjustments that will be implemented immediately next weekend. These adjustments should make it so people get into the lots faster, it’s safer when exiting, and it’s more clear where you should go if you arrive before the gates open. We’ll lay out these adjustments before the weekend once they are all set.


We can’t wait to do it again next weekend, and the weekend after that.

Have a great week and we’ll see you all Saturday for Cars and Coffee.


Joel, Mark, and Ground Control