After what seems like billions of years, the day is upon us. Tomorrow Portland Cars and Coffee returns, and life can go back to normal on Saturday mornings.

Here are some things you might want to know for tomorrow morning:
Featured Parking
The parking area in the front of World of Speed (approximately 22 spaces—see map) has been renamed the Featured Section. Our goal with this section is to keep it dynamic and fresh.  Much of the time the Featured section will be for exotics, yet we fully intend to have special weekends that trade exotics for a featured marque, car club, or perhaps a special gathering.  It’s our intent to maintain flexibility in this Featured area in order to best serve the entire C&C community.
“What is an exotic?” Virtually any Ferrari, Lamborghini, or McLaren fits. Beyond that, generally anything that’s very rare, expensive, or unusual. A Porsche 911 GT3 (RS) is rare and expensive while a Carrera 4S isn’t. There’s nothing wrong with a Carrera 4S, lovely car, but it’s not an exotic. 
And if you absolutely need a written description, here is one which we particularly like from Exotics at Redmond Town Center:
Please note: Once the 22 spaces are full we will close the Featured area, so please show up early.  If your car does not get put in the featured section please don’t take it personally, it’s not personal.
We Start At 8 AM, Not Before
The World of Speed parking lots are gated. Gates will not open for Cars and Coffee parking until 8 am. If you arrive early, lineup on the side of the street. Everyone you see entering and inside the parking lot before 8 am is Ground Control Staff.
Main Parking
We will fill Lot 1 and then proceed to open up Lot 2. Please fill the loading dock area in Lot 1 as well, and park smartly in there without wasting space. When you pull in Ground Control at the gate will inform you if you should go to the featured lot or lots 1/2.
Once both lots are full we’ll revert to street parking, which there is plenty of. Please do not get angry at Ground Control if they inform you the lots are full, they are simply reporting facts.
We are absolutely expecting a full house, so we recommend arriving no later than 8:40 if you prefer to park in the parking lots rather than on the street.
Please do not park in the back two rows behind World of Speed (see red on map). Those are reserved for World of Speed employees and customers. Also, do not park in the alley way, church parking lot or surrounding business parks. Handicap parking spaces are for those with handicap permits only.
There will be a coffee truck outside capable of serving 100 people in 30 minutes in front of World of Speed, plus coffee and pastries inside the atrium. There will be plenty of coffee for all.
Keep It In Control
We’ll have police presence. Please, don’t show us how awesome your driving skills are, we know.
We can’t wait to see everyone in the morning at World of Speed.
Joel, Mark, and Ground Control